Charging at home

Charge your electric car right at home and start with new energy.

Have you already decided on an electric car? Or are you still thinking and don’t yet know how to charge the electric car? With EWE Go you can also easily charge at home. We offer you various charging options.



You buy the wallbox from us and have it installed by your trusted electrician at home.



Our wallboxes are independent of the vehicle type. So you are flexible when it comes to your new electric car.


A perfect fit

Are you just charging your electric car? Or do you share the charging option with your neighbor? With our various wallbox types, you have the option of buying a charging option tailored to your needs.


Charging solutions for your electric car.

Discover charging solutions tailored to you for your electric car and your living situation.


100% green electricity for charging

Operate your wallbox with 100% green electricity certified by TÜV Nord. With our offer Electricity at home + you are always on the road with your electric car.

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No way to charge at home?
Or to install a wallbox?

No problem. Just charge your electric car on the go. Our public charging network with around 900 charging points in northwest Germany offers you a multitude of options.

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