Wallbox smart:
The charging station for your company

Do you already use electric vehicles in your company or do you want to buy them? Our Wallbox smart offers the perfect solution for this. The intelligent charging point reliably supplies your employees and customers with electricity. You decide who can load his car at your wallbox. The consumption can be mapped to the user.

Your benefits at a glance

  • fast and safe charging up to 22 kW

  • Control of access via RFID card

  • MID-compliant and a kWh-sharp billing

  • Connection to backend IT system

  • Wall mounting or mounting on a stele

  • Charging cable, mounting frame, operating instructions included

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This is how your company benefits from our Wallbox smart

If you charge your electric car at an ordinary socket with around 2.3 kilowatts, it can take a few hours until the battery is completely full. Our wallbox with a charging capacity of up to 22 kW does this about ten times as quickly. You can configure the performance individually and thus determine exactly how long the charging process should last. So you save valuable time and your employees are always mobile. Our wallbox has a display that you can use to check the current charge level at all times.

Do your customers want to travel with an electric vehicle? You can conveniently grant this access to your wallbox using an RFID card. During the meeting, your business partner’s car will then charge at your charging station and will be fully operational again after the appointment.

Charge your car at home quickly and safely

You can charge your electric vehicle reliably not only in your business, but also at home with our Wallbox charging station. You are always mobile because you charge your electric car or hybrid vehicle much faster than with a conventional socket. Simply install the wall charging station in your garage or outdoors. An intelligent on and off switch protects the power grid from overload and breaks the connection in the event of an error message.

Our Wallbox smart can be easily integrated into your smart home. For example, you can use the app to set when your vehicle should be charged. This means you benefit from low electricity tariffs such as night electricity.

Product modules

We select the right hardware for you from our portfolio.

  • Hardware installation on stele or on the wall
  • Connection to the electrical supply lines
  • Installation, commissioning and configuration
  • Inspection and functional test (DGUV V3)
  • Update of the control cabinet with RCD and circuit breaker
  • Registration of the hardware with the local network operator
  • Connection to our backend system


  • regular maintenance
  • Remote software updates
  • 24/7 Support-Hotline
  • On-site support through our nationwide service network
  • Repair of complex defects through to hardware replacement


  • graphical representation of the loading processes on a web interface
  • individually selectable viewing periods
  • Export function for your documentation and further calculation
  • Possibility to refinance the monthly installment by billing individual consumption

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