Buy a charging station:
Set up your electric filling station with us

Position yourself as the driver of the energy transition by buying a charging station from EWE Go. With our solutions, your customers charge the batteries of their electric vehicles quickly and safely. Connected to the public charging network, your customers authenticate themselves at the charging point with their own charging card. With the purchase of an electric filling station you become part of the electric mobility network.


  • public charging station from 22 kW to 150 kW

  • Construction of the mains connection and installation of the charging station

  • Operation of the charging station and connection to an international charging network

  • Charging start via RFID charging card, app or ad hoc payment

  • Delivery of the charging station with 100% green electricity

Become part of the e-network

In order for e-mobility to be used effectively in Germany and Europe, a comprehensive network of public charging stations is required. With EWE Go you become part of the e-charging infrastructure. Buy an electric charging station and effectively supply your customers with electricity. With a charging capacity of up to 150 kW, we offer you chargers with which electric vehicles can be charged quickly and reliably. Your customers simply use this via an RFID charging card, an app or they pay directly in cash. You can set up public charging stations in various locations, for example in parking lots, at motorway service areas or in front of restaurants.

Buy a charging station:
Complete package or individual solutions

With us you have the choice: choose our complete package or purchase the hardware that best suits your location. In addition, we help you with our services when connecting to the public charging network. We offer you the security of knowing that we will keep the charging infrastructure up to date with the latest charging technology for the duration of the contract and always adapt it to current standards and laws.

As you can see, we will not leave you alone if you have bought one of our charging stations, but will support you in the installation and commissioning of your public charging station.

Product modules

  • On-site inspection and selection of the exact location for charging points and technical modules to provide the power output and communication connection
  • Request the possible power output from the network operator
  • a separate network connection is usually provided by the network operator for a fee for the construction of public charging infrastructure
  • to ensure that everything runs smoothly, we would be happy to coordinate it with your local network operator
  • Installation of the charging station
  • Connection to electrical supply
  • Installation and configuration
  • Commissioning and functional test (DGUV V3)
  • Connection to international charging network
  • Representation of the charging points in charging network overviews, apps and navigation systems
  • Regular maintenance
  • Remote software updates
  • Service support hotline is always available for you everywhere
  • Rapid on-site restoration of operational readiness through our dense, nationwide service network and spare parts inventory
  • Repair of complex defects up to the replacement of the hardware

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