Mobility Card

The Mobility Card keeps you free and independent when you’re on the road, as it allows you to charge your electric vehicle at more than 30,000 charge points. All available charge points can be found in the Punktladung (Point Charge) app or here. After making your way to the charge point (the app will also direct you there if you wish), you can activate it using either your Mobility Card or the app.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Complete price certainty – standard price for the entire charging network

  • Fair monthly billing system for the electricity you use to charge your vehicle

  • No monthly fees – only a one-time charge of €4.78 for your order

  • Nationwide charging network in Germany and comprehensive network throughout Europe

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Our Punktladung (Point Charge) app:

The perfect addition to the Mobility Card

Your vehicle is empty and you need to supply the battery with power? No problem: with our point charging app, you can find the nearest charging station in a flash, where you can charge your electric car with the charging card. You can see immediately whether this is available and can be navigated directly to the next free charging station. If you register your Mobility Card in the app, you can also start the charging process easily using your smartphone – it couldn’t be easier.

EWE Go – A nationwide charging network

The Mobility Card gives you access to numerous charging stations for electric cars across Germany and Europe. Because EWE Go operates a nationwide charging network with its partners EWE, swb and the roaming partners. This offers you the advantage that you can use your charging card to supply your electric car with electricity at around 16,000 charging points in Germany and over 30,000 charging points from partner operators across Europe. We are also continuously expanding our charging infrastructure in order to provide you with the best possible network of charging stations. You can see where charging points are in the area on this map: